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A collection of articles focused on other cities and locations.

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    Old stone gate with Burmese people carrying pots Old stone gate with modern Burmese women entering Burmese temple in black and white Golden spired Burmese temple with cars and motorbikes Base of Shwezigon Pagoda in black and white Base of Shwezigon Pagoda with tourists Burmese temple with people and horses Burmese temple covered by trees


    With four then-and-now images, a special look at Myanmar's premier destination: temples by the thousand, ancient city walls, Mongol invasions, fatally virtuous economics, disappeared trees and the thorny politics of heritage.

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    Japanese troops walking past a mosque Mosque with busy restaurant in foreground Burmese pagoda in black and white Burmese pagoda with traffic and new buildings


    With two then-and-now images, a look at my favourite city after Yangon. With a history of conflict and rebellion, the slightly grim story of the Judson missionary family, and (of course) Rudyard Kipling and…Frank Sinatra?

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    Old Dali street scene with large gateway and tower Modern Dali steet scene with gateway and three tiered pagoda tower Three dilapidated pagoda towers Pagoda tower with trees mostly covering two other towers People walking downhill to Chinese gatehouse Elderly couple with matching hats walk towards Chinese gatehouse Distant view of walled town, river and mountains Distant view modern town and river Chinese gatehouse in city wall Large crowd of tourists in front of Chinese gatehouse


    With five then-and-now images, we cross Myanmar's northern border to see how the history of China's frontier province has helped shape Myanmar: neglectful Mongols, disasterous wars over uncertain borders, the no mans land of Wa State, the Burma Road and its Flying Tigers - and lots of tourism.

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